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What Is Google Analytics And It’s Important?

Google Analytics is the best and popular digital analytics software offered by Google, which provides web analytics services that track online content, user experience, device functionality, collect in-depth details of website traffic, and understand your customer’s behavior. Google launched this in Nov 2005 after gaining Urchin. 

Google Analytics allows an individual to obtain information to shape the businesses’ success strategies and discover new information that you probably might never know. 

Importance Of Google Analytics

  • It is free of cost

As we all are aware, nothing is for free in life, but in the Google Analytics case, it is false because it is free of cost, which does not charge a single penny for using the software. It also provides actual numbers, statistics, and the essential information to help owners to maximize their website performance.

There are many platforms, applications, and tools available in the market that ask for one-time use charge, and some initially provide free services and then ask for a monthly fee. They might provide accurate and relevant information about website performance, but google analytics is a trusted platform designed by a popular search engine platform for free.

  • Automatically collects data

Google Analytics has an advanced feature that deducts the work required to put in google analytics data into Spreadsheets, Sites, or Docs. You just need to establish a set up in Google Analytics account and copy a piece of code on your website. It begins to collect information and data from a given website automatically and make an accurate report.

An individual doesn’t need to perform any action to obtain data as Google Analytics does work on your behalf with its advanced features. It accesses the data and reports immediately, which saves your precious effort and time.

  • Integration with other platforms and tools 

Google analytics provides the remarkable feature of smooth integration with other platforms and tools; for example, Google Analytics presents an easy and clear user interface. It works great with desktops, tablets, and smartphones through its application which is available in the google play store.

The best part is that Google Analytics has strong integration performance with Google Adwords. When individual links a Google AdWords account with Google Analytics, it automatically alleged two powerful tools enabling work together. It will help you in providing actionable insights to lead success for AdWords Campaigns.

  • The capability of measuring internal site search

The site reveals potential customers’ needs after they arrive on your website. It reveals the individual’s growth area by targeting the situations where the owner is lacking and unclear. Google Analytics provides information on internal site searches with customization guidance.

With these provided facilities, that makes better insight for the owner to know customers needs to improve the whole website’s performance. 

  • Understanding bounce rates

Understanding and managing bouncing rates is a crucial step that refers to the percentage ratio of views of those who leave the website after reading for 5 to 7 seconds, but it is imperative to reduce the bouncing rate by providing the right information as much as possible.

Attracting more visitors or traffic is a vital thing for a website, but when the bouncing rate is high, then traffic can not do anything. Google Analytics helps you in understanding which pages are motley bounced by visitors, and then the website owner can work on the content.



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