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What Is Facebook Page And Step For Making Facebook Page

Before understanding the term ‘Facebook Page’, it is important to know more about the Facebook application. Facebook is a platform of social networking which is originated in a country named American. The owner of this advanced application was Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, and the motive behind making it is to connect two or more people together, then they are sharing strong bonds far from another place. To make everything easy when users use this application, the creator decided to add more than 111 languages.

What Is Facebook Page?

The Facebook page refers to the profile that is a built-in public platform and for the public, which is created by mostly celebrities, businesses, and organizations. Facebook page targets fans and followers and does not focus on making friends and using it for personal use because it is made to create a community by sharing the message, updates, photos, links, events, awareness, etc.  Facebook page is a legit way to proceed with the brand name and brand value. 

How To Built Or Make Facebook Page?

Now we know about the application named Facebook, and that is the role of the Facebook page. Let’s move forward this us and learn how to create or build a Facebook page step by step, which includes public figures, influencers, artists, organizations, businesses, personal brands, and blogs, etc.

Step 1: Use Mobile Application, Facebook

Open the application, which is in blue and white color known as Facebook, with the ‘’f’’ icon. Make your id or register your ID and open the news feed on your profile. If you don’t have the id, you can add your phone no. or Gmail address and password to access the account after registering.

Step 2: Tap Menu Icon and Tap Page Option

Tap on three horizontal lines to the top right corner in Android, and for iPhone setting will appear on the bottom right corner. When you scroll or find the ‘’Page’’ option at the bottom down of the setting.

Step 3: Tap Create, and Get started: 

Find an option of creating, and you can find this option in the top-left corner. After clicking the tap bottom, you can find and click on the button in blue color, which says get started. 

Step 4: Select Categories and Naming

Choosing three categories is a must step, which helps viewers and followers understand what kind of main content a certain page will reflect. After choosing the three categories, the page owner can name his domain as per their preferences.

Step 5: Add Cover and Profile Photo

Profile photo and cover photo represents the whole mood and vibe of the Facebook page; that’s why it is important to choose the right icon or logo for the page. For this, you need to tap on the add profile photo, then select images or edit how you want. Click on a finish or done and do the same with the cover photo.

Now, you are done with all the steps in creating or setting the page, and with that, we also understand the meaning of the Facebook page and how it works.



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