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Include these citrus fruits in your diet, there will be no vitamin-C deficiency

After the arrival of the coronavirus, people have started paying little attention to their health. People care about their immunity system and other things. People are beginning to understand what is immunity? How important are vitamins to our body? People are trying their best to make themselves strong. Some people are taking medicines and some people are taking all possible measures so that they can stay healthy.

Vitamin C is considered the best option to protect against coronavirus. But due to the shortage of vitamin-C drugs in the markets, people are very upset. So people do not have to worry. You can include foods rich in vitamin C in the diet with healthy food or any healthy drink. Due to which the amount of vitamin C will remain in your body. Vitamin C helps prevent infection in the body. It also has many benefits such as protecting us from flu and infection, healing wounds will help us a lot.

Now you may be wondering what are the best sources of Vitamin C? Let us tell you that citrus fruits are the best sources of Vitamin C. So let us tell you that eating which fruits can give you a lot of vitamin C.

Orange is rich in Vitamin-C

Orange is the best source of vitamin C. It is sour-sweet in food. A medium-sized orange contains 53.2 mg of vitamin C. Also, oranges have antioxidant properties. Which promotes our immunity health and also protects the free radical cell. You can include oranges in your diet in many ways. You can eat these fruits for breakfast or snacks in the evening. You can also include oranges in the salad.

Kiwi has many nutrients

We get Kiwi fruit easily in every season. Kiwi fruit has immunity booster properties as well as a variety of nutrients. Which supply nutrients to our body. Also, if you are looking for vitamin-C medicines to avoid coronavirus, then kiwi fruit is a good option for you. Regularly adding kiwi fruit to your diet will help you to overcome the vitamin-C deficiency.

Use pineapple regularly

Nowadays, we are including all things in our diet. Because in today’s time it has become a challenge to keep our immunity strong. Pineapple is definitely sour, but this fruit contains a good amount of vitamin C and manganese. Also, calories are very low. So you must include pineapple in your diet. Regular consumption of pineapple is very beneficial for our health because pineapple helps our body in fighting viruses and bacteria.

Lemon has many benefits

Lemon is a very cheap and easily available fruit in the market. Which may be sour in taste but it has many benefits. Lemon is found in plenty in vitamin-B6, pantothenic acid, copper, thiamine, riboflavin, manganese. Regular consumption of it not only improves your immunity but also works to protect you from viruses. You can use lemon mixed with a liquid or salad.

Add Amla to the diet

For hair, you will mostly use gooseberries. But Amla does not only work to keep hair healthy, but Amla gives us many benefits. Amla is rich in vitamin C and is a boon for immunity. Amla has more vitamin C than oranges. Which is very beneficial for your nervous system, immunity, and skin. We can use it daily, you can eat Amla raw or drink Amla juice.

Now you don’t have to bother about vitamin-C medicines. You can include these vitamin C-rich foods in your diet. Which will not only fulfill the deficiency of vitamins in your body but will also keep you healthy.



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