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Immunity has reduced and you are getting sick very often, so stop consuming these 7 unhealthy foods immediately.

Do you fall sick on the day you arrive? This may also be due to weak immunity. The emphasis is on increasing these days of immunity because in the midst of the global epidemic, the emphasis is on increasing immunity, but there are some foods that eat which decrease the immunity of the disease. You use these things in everyday life, but they can be harmful to your health. Like, white bread is eaten every morning in our homes, but this leads to immunity power week. People fondly consume package juice for breakfast, but it can decrease rather than increase your immunity. Those who eat non-veg should avoid red meat. This also decreases the immunity to disease. If you are fond of cookies and potato chips, then reduce your intake, it makes your immunity week a week.

White bread eaten daily is the enemy of immunity

Products made from refined grains, such as white bread, have additives that affect immunity. People who are unable to eat gluten have a greater effect on their immunity because white bread contains gluten. If your immunity does not increase, then it will not be able to cope with infection and diseases, so avoid foods like high calories and low nutritious foods such as white bread.

Acidic foods like red meat reduce immunity

Red meat contains high acid, which can decrease your immunity. When you eat too much acidic food, you get pH acidic. When acid levels are high, the levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc. decrease. This affects health. That is why you have to avoid such foods.

Delicious piece of cheese, isolated on white background

Efficacy may decrease due to consumption of cheese

The cheese is made by pasteurizing, which destroys all-natural and synthetic hormones. Eating it continuously can also increase inflammation, which will gradually reduce your immunity. That is why you should avoid raw milk cheese or pasteurized cheese.

Avoiding potato chips will not make immunity power

If you are also fond of eating Potato Chips, then tell you that your immunity can also decrease with the use of them. They are fried in vegetable oil, they have a very high salt content. This affects immunity, so if you want to increase your immunity, do not consume potato chips at all. Fast food has a high salt content and the immunity starts to get weaker by consuming more salt, so avoid it

Market cookies can reduce immunity power

Sweet cookies in a tin can on market

If you too are fond of melting cookies in the market, then let us know that the extra sugar and no soluble fiber found in them makes them unhealthy. Most packaged foods have very low amounts of nutrients. Consumption can reduce immunity. If you want to increase your immunity, you can bake healthy cookies at home. To make them, you use whole grain flour and add a lot of fruits, this will increase fiber intake and increase the immunity power in the body.

Packaged Fruit Juice

People often include tetra pack fruit juice which is found in the market in their breakfast, but it can reduce your immunity. Extra sugar is added to these, so you should avoid these juices, instead, you can eat green tea, natural fruit juice, etc. The breakfast cereal you eat may also contain sugar and low fiber, so eat such cereals only after consulting your doctor, otherwise, it may be an immunity week.

Vegetable oil can block immunity

Sunflower oil, soybean oil, or corn oil contain omega 6 fatty acids, our body completely converts omega 6 into other fatty acids which we call arachidonic acid, which can cause inflammation in the body and immunity. Power may be reduced. You can use olive oil instead.

Things to take care of to increase immunity
  1. At this time, you should include immunity-boosting foods in your diets such as orange and broccoli.
  2. In order to increase immunity in the corona period, you should include Golden milk ie turmeric milk in your diet.
  3. You have to avoid such foods which contain sugar because the intake of sugar reduces the power of cells and they are not able to withstand the virus.
  4. To increase immunity, you have to avoid cigarettes and smoking at all.
  5. Do not eat raw fruits, raw fruits contain a protein called lectin, which makes it difficult to absorb the nutrients and does not increase your immunity.
  6. If you are allergic to something or certain food, do not eat it, this makes the immunity system antibodies, sometimes these antibodies are not good for a human’s own organ, so do not eat allergic food accidentally.
  7. Completely avoid soda or cold drinks because these carbonated drinks contain phosphorus that kills calcium from Kiddney’s cells and causes immunity power week.

It is not bad to eat these food items occasionally but do not make the mistake of including them in your diet, apart from reducing immunity, they can harm you even more.



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