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How to make money from Meesho ?

What Is Meant By Meesho App And How To Earn From Meesho?

Meesho is a social commerce platform that is originated in India founded by graduates of IIT Delhi named Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey in the month of December in the year 2015. Meesho enables small individuals and small businesses to begin their digital online stores through social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 

The headquarter of this well-known platform is located in Bengaluru in India, one of the best Indian companies ranked and selected for Y Combinator at third place in 2016.

How Does The Meesho Platform work?

Meesho platform helps resellers and individuals to commerce selling with zero percent of investments, flexibility, and can do work or resell from anywhere in the world. As a reseller in the Meesho platform, an individual has to share an item or product those are mentioned and list in the Meesho Application on social media stages with the help of networks to earn a commission as per sales basis.

There are various products, even more than 1 lakh different product options to choose and resell by becoming a reseller, and the best part is users don’t have to worry about payments, logistics, and supply of goods they sold. 

How To Earn Money From Meesho By Reselling Products.

A reseller or an individual can earn a good amount from the Meesho platform by selling lifestyle and fashion products on various digital media platforms and sites. Selling on Meesho is simple and very easy to use as compared to Flipkart and Amazon.

The best thing is that an individual can trade goods with Meesho without joining any affiliate platform like Flipkart and Amazon. Just download Meesho Application and 

  1. Start searching for the best-suited and demanded products that customers mostly like in your network by clicking on that products’ share button.
  2. Don’t share about the product on only one platform. Try to cover almost all social media sites.
  3. While sharing about products, don’t mention the product’s actual price to your customer as a reseller can add their own margin on every product they sell.
  4. Share the Shipping charge and final price of the item with your customer.
  5. When you convinced your customer, and they confirmed, the reseller can place the order on the application. Then reseller will get all the notifications regarding the status of the product’s order.
  6. The customers or buyers will receive their order in two or three days.

Please Note 

  1. If the order is placed on Cash On Delivery, then the buyer or customer of that product will make payment to the logistics partner of Meesho.
  2. Meesho Application receives all the transfer and payment of the reseller’s margin and sends it to the reseller’s bank account in less than ten (working) days.
  3. If a reseller makes an online payment, don’t forget to collect the final amount and the margin from your customer to place the Meesho Application order.

There are only two methods to earn money from the Meesho application. Those are referrals and reselling and receive payment by Meesho, then add to your bank account whenever an individual or owner wants so that Meesho can transfer earned money of a reseller directly into their bank account.

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