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If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, then you must have heard the name of AdSense, and you will get to know a little about it. But there will be something in your mind related to AdSense, whose answer is probably not received yet, so here you are going to get the answers of all those questions.

I am going to give answer of some important question which people often ask or ask to know, then you should read each & every question and also read it’s answer. I can tell you with a lot you will get to know and learn a lot, which you did not know yet. So let’s start.

Q1.Which language we have to apply for AdSense for Hinglish blog?

A:You have to apply for Hindi Language. But google also approve your website if you approve English language for Hinglish language.

Q2.How many AdSense ads can be used on one page?

A:Adsense has removed the limit of Ads, you can use as many ads you want on your website, But using more will increase the loading time, so use maximum 4 ads on 1 page. If you use more ads your CPC will decrease but may be click on ads will increase.

Q3.Blocking Ads with Low CPC will Increases your Income?

A:Yes, but not very much. Because in India you can see only low CPC if you block low CPC ads you will see high CPC American ads .So if you block the ads with low CPC and then show them to the visitors of High CPC USA ads in India, then there will be no benefit. because no ne click on USA advertisement. But if you have a USA Traffic then it will definitely increase your earning.

Q4.How do increase AdSense CPC?

A:CPC are high on Search engine traffic but if you get traffic from social media you will get low CPC. You will get high CPC if you getting traffic from USA but if you getting Asian Country Traffic your CPC will down. if you using more AdSense code your CPC will decrease. but if you have limits ads unit your CPC will increase. Header ads code always have higher CPC.

Q5.1 person can create 2 accounts on AdSense?

A:No,you Can’t make 2 account with the name of same person. But You can do this by creating an AdSense account in your name and one in the name of your family member.

Q6.Can we take AdSense approval on Blogger (BlogSpot).

A:Yes you can also take Google AdSense approval on Blogger. because Google AdSense is a part of Google and Blogger also part of Google.

Q7.What is a hosted and non-hosted AdSense account?

A:As much as Google’s service, like Blogger, YouTube, if you apply for AdSense, then the account that happens will be the hosted account. Meaning that the Ads you are using them which is from Google itself. But if you have WordPress site and you want approval on your website , then you should have a non-hosted account.

Q8.Can you click on Ads yourself , or can you ask someone to click?

A:No,If you click or even ask someone to click, then you are putting your AdSense account in danger.

Q9.Can you connect YouTube channel and website to an AdSense account?

A:Yes, you can connect YouTube channel and website with the same AdSense Account. YouTube earning added to the AdSense account on the 15th of every month. and you get Google AdSense Payment on 21st of the month.



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