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Follow these tips to increase the immunity of children in the Corona period.

Nowadays the most important thing in the Corona era is to make immunity strong. The stronger the immunity, the lesser is the effect of the virus. Even if the coronavirus affects people with strong immunity, there is a quick recovery without causing much harm to the body.

In this dangerous phase of the coronavirus, it is also important to have the immunity strong of the children along with the elders, so that the virus does not have any side effects on the health of the children. Let’s learn from nutritionist Swati Bathwal how to make children’s immunity strong and what to include in children’s diet so that their immunity can be strengthened.

Saffron, turmeric, and black pepper milk

To strengthen children’s immunity, include saffron and turmeric milk in their regular diet. To prepare this milk, add turmeric or saffron to the milk and boil the milk well and add some black pepper powder to it. Consuming this milk improves the immunity of children and helps in fighting against diseases. Turmeric and saffron milk also keeps away from cough and the antibiotics present in it fight the body’s free radical cells, which strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of diseases.

Gargle with lukewarm water

o protect against coronavirus, make children gargle by mixing a little salt in lukewarm water at least twice a day. The virus is not affected by the use of garbage and the immunity of children also remains strong due to which they are protected from many diseases. There is no problem related to any type of throat in children by doing gargling.

Use of vitamin D

Vitamin D-rich food is one of the most important parts of immunity in the corona period. Vitamin D keeps disease-resistant capacity in the body and helps in fighting any type of viral infection. Some research suggests that due to adequate availability of vitamin D in the body, it is possible to prevent coronavirus along with the common cold and flu. Therefore, in addition to adding vitamin D-rich nutrients to the children’s diet, you can also sit in the sun for a little while.

Use of Chyawanprash

Chyawanpras have been used for centuries to increase immunity and prevent diseases. The use of Chyawanprash daily for children in the corona period can increase their immunity and protect against the coronavirus.

A healthy diet is important

To increase immunity, it is very important for children to have a healthy diet. In addition to including various nutritious vegetables and fruits in the diet of children, they are required to give a protein-rich diet which includes pulses, milk, yogurt, and all nutritious diet.

With all these tips, you can strengthen the children’s immune system and reduce the risk of coronavirus to a great extent. How did you like this article? Please let us know by commenting on Facebook. To get more information like this, stay connected with life.



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