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Few Point to be Remember before applying AdSense .


If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, then you must have heard the name of AdSense, and you will get to know a little about it.But there will be something in your mind related to AdSense, whose answer is probably not received yet, so here you are going to get the answers of all those questions.

have written a book related to AdSense, which people often ask or ask to know, then you should read every question and also read its answer. I can tell you with a lot you will get to know and learn a lot, which you did not know yet. So let’s start. The first thing is not to do hurry and to apply only after preparing your site completely.

1.How many posts and visitors must be applied to apply?

How many visitors or how many posts Should be there .There is nothing mention in Google AdSense regarding Visitor or Post . But before applying you must pay attention that the site is properly designed. You Should have published at least 15 great posts. No matter the visitor, it does not affect the site’s approval.

2.How much can I earn from AdSense?

There is no limit on how much you can earn online. The more work you do, the more visitors will come, the more income will be.

3.How much money is paid?

Should be 100 $ as soon as payment is received .. not less than that.Once you earned $ 100 or more you will Receive your Payment.

4.When We will Receive Payment ?

Once you earned $ 100 or more you will Receive your Payment on 21st on Next month.

5.Can We Use Native ads and Adsense Ads together?

yes ,You can do both .Like you can use MGID or taboola with Google AdSense .you can also use infolink with AdSense.

6.Can We use Single AdSense account on different websites / blogs?

Yes of course .. You can use an AdSense account on any website or blog, there is no limit to that. you can use many website on single AdSense account. But be careful There should not be a single website that does not follow the policy of AdSense, otherwise your Complete AdSense account may be blocked.

7.Do we get our income when the account is blocked ?

No. Once your Account is Blocked due to Policy Violation you will lose your earning also.

8.Can AdSense and affiliate marketing work together?

Yes, affiliate marketing and advertising together do not have any problem in advertising. But I will suggest you where affiliate marketing should not be done here. Otherwise, the user will click on AIDS instead of your affiliate link and buy the goods, so that you will not get as much income as you could from affiliate marketing.

9.If one does not follow any policy of AdSense, then in what time the account gets blocked?

There is no time limit for this, maybe account is blocked in 30 minutes or it may take 1 week. So, you must follow the policy of AdSense.

I hope you will like My Article in next Articles i will Discus some more Tricks and Tips which help you in Google AdSense.



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