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Do you know these benefits of lemon tea, definitely include in the diet

You must have used lemon at some time or other. Lemon which enhances the taste of your food is also very beneficial for health. Apart from adding pungent taste and aroma to traditional Indian cuisine, lemon also offers countless benefits to human health, such as eliminating kidney stones, refining skin texture, and hydrating the body. Lemon is used to get rid of many diseases like the cold.

Lemon tea has its distinct advantages. Lemon is rich in many nutrients including vitamin C, so it is used to control immunity and control many problems such as weight loss. Famous celebrity international Dietician and Nutritionist Shikha A Sharma of Fat to Slim Group explains the benefits of lemon tea and why it should be included in the diet. Lose weight

Lose weight

Lemon tea is the best option for boosting immunity. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, so it helps to strengthen immunity. It is a plant antioxidant that eliminates toxic free radicals and also helps to promote digestion.

Control blood pressure

Lemon tea is also very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure problems. Drinking lemon tea reduces the problem of high blood pressure to a great extent. It contains abundant amounts of potassium. It helps in maintaining blood pressure normally. Therefore, for those suffering from blood pressure problems, lemon tea must be included in their diet.

Relieve cold

Lemon tea helps in reducing problems like phlegm. Consuming lemon tea in cold condition gets rid of this problem very soon.

Increase oxygen level

Consuming lemon tea also helps in increasing the oxygen level in the corona period. Lemon tea is very good for health due to its rich in vitamin C-like properties.

Reduce signs of aging

By drinking lemon tea, you avoid the problem of slow aging. It has antioxidant properties which reduce the effect of slow aging ie the aging process and the skin looks fine due to its intake.

How to make lemon tea
Tea leaf – 1/4 teaspoon
Lemon juice – 1/2
Water – 1 glass
Rock salt – 1 pinch
Method of making
  • Put tea leaves in a glass of water and boil them well in a pot.
  • Turn off the gas when it changes its color on boiling. Add a pinch of salt to it.
  • Add lemon juice to boiled tea and filter it and consume it.
  • If you want, you can also add jaggery to it.

in this way, consuming lemon tea is very beneficial for health and you should make it a part of your diet even in the corona period.



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