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Do these 3 exercises with Pillow & Reduce Belly Fat?

Apparently, between home responsibility and office work pressure, women have less time to take care of their health. Women are very careless about body fitness in their busy lives. In such a situation, it is common for fat to grow around the belly. Belly fat harm health as well as your looks.

With proper eating and regular exercise, you can reduce this fat. If you have no time for the gym, then you other option also i.e. Reduce your belly fat by doing some easy exercises in your home. You have to use a pillow to make exercise easier.

Let see How you can reduce belly fat by exercising with the help of a pillow.

Full body challenge exercise

This exercise can be done very easily with a pillow. You have to first lie down on the mat. Then pull the pillow between your two toes. After this, lift the legs and bring them near the face. Also, try to bring your upper body near the feet. While doing this, you try to touch the pillow stuck between the claws with your hands. Do this at least 15 times. As soon as you get perfect in doing this exercise, you can also increase the count. This exercise helps in exercising belly and fat (2 tips to reduce belly fat) as well as legs and hands.

Core exercises with pillow

Core exercise is done to reduce belly fat in few days. There are many types of exercises involved. Some of the exercises include planks, bridge exercises, bicycle crunch, abdominal crunch, etc. We can also make it easier by using pillows during exercise.

For this, you first have to sit on the mat and hold the pillow in your hands. Now bend your legs from your knees and move them to 45 degrees. Now try to bring your upper body and lower body closer to each other. Do this 15 times. Bailey’s fat will decrease.

Leg raise with pillow

Leg rage exercises can also prove to be very effective for reducing belly fat. We can also make it easy with the help of pillows. For this, you have to lie down on the ground and pull the pillow between the toes of your feet. Now try to bring the legs at 90 degrees as much as you can. This strengthens your abdominal muscles and also reduces excess fat. Do this exercise 15 times also.

If you like this article, then like it and share it. If your belly fat is not decreasing with normal exercise, then try these 3 exercises at home with the help of a pillow. Also, stay connected with daily life to read more articles related to fitness.



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