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Do not apply this mistake to your face, these five things, you will regret later

The face is the part of our face that we all probably love the most and make every effort to take extra care of it. However, in this round, we sometimes get into some disturbance. In fact, there is a glut of skincare hacks on the Internet and often we are so impressed by seeing and hearing these hacks that we can apply different items to our faces without any thought. However, you don’t need to get the same result as you thought. It is also possible that you get a better result immediately and you become happy. But later you have to suffer the negative result of these things. Therefore, it would be better not to apply anything on your face without thinking. So, today we are telling you about some such things, which can be harmful to you to apply on the face.


Paraben is often used as an ingredient in foundations, BB creams, shampoos, lotions, and many other skincare products. However, this harmful chemical can cause hormonal imbalances by affecting estrogen in your body. Some women also have allergies due to paraben-based products. Allergies can cause itching, red skin, and even swelling.

What to do– Check the label before you buy any product, so that you can avoid using paraben on your face.

Body Lotion

Women often make this mistake. When her face cream ends or she does not have face cream, she applies body lotion on her face. However, it should not be mistakenly used on the delicate skin of the face. The body lotion has a higher density and is thicker. Due to this, if it is used on the face, then it can cause face pores and it may cause you to face acne. In addition, body lotion has artificial fragrance and can cause allergic reactions.

What to do- Use only face-related products for your face as they are mild and mostly non-greasy.


Sugar is used in many homemade face scrubs. Although it has some amazing properties, it can be harsh on your skin. In particular, its use on the face can cause irritation, redness, and skin dryness. If not used in a very gentle way, sugar can hurt your skin. Therefore, it is better that you avoid using it on the face.

What to do – If you are using it on your face, then apply it very slowly.

Hot water

Just as hot water should not be used to wash hair, it is also not suitable for your face. Direct use of hot water on your face will snatch the moisture in your skin, which will make your face look dry and dull. Apart from this, it can also irritate you.

What to do- If you want to use hot water on the skin, in such a situation, give face steam with the help of lukewarm water. This will help open your skin pores and remove dirt for better cleansing. It also softens blackheads and whiteheads, making them easier to remove.


Enriched with vitamin C, lemon is actually good for health. Not only this but it is also used in many skincare homemade packs. But you should avoid applying raw lemon pieces or lemon juice directly on your face. Actually, lemon contains a chemical that makes your skin sensitive to light. In such a situation, going out in the sun after using lemon can irritate your skin. Not only this, but it can also cause chemical burns to you. At the same time, women of sensitive skin can also have problems with lemon.

What to do- If you need a DIY bleaching or skin-lightening ingredient, you can use slices of potato or tomato instead of lemon, which are considered a safer option.



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