Monday, January 30, 2023
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Corona: 2.61 lakh cases reported in the country in the past, the highest ever.

In India, 2,61,500 new cases of infection with Corona virus have been reported in the last 24 hours and 1,501 patients have died. More than two lakh new cases have been reported in the country for the fourth consecutive day.

With this, the total number of infected people in the country has increased to 1,47,88,109. Of these, 1,77,150 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus.

The number of active cases has increased to 18,01,316.

1.38 lakh patients recovered in the past
Speaking of those who have been cured after defeating the corona virus infection, 1,38,423 patients were cured across the country in the last 24 hours.

With this, the total number of patients recovering after defeating the epidemic has increased to 1,28,09,643. The country’s recovery rate is 87.23 percent.

Apart from this, 15,66,394 tests were done across the country in the last 24 hours. Since the onset of the epidemic, 26.65 crore corona virus tests have been conducted in the country.

These are the most affected states.

If we look at the most affected states, 37,70,707 people have been found infected and 59,970 people have died in Maharashtra so far.

So far, 12,21,167 people have been found infected and 4,904 deaths in the second most affected state of Kerala.

Similarly, Karnataka with 11,41,998 cases and 13,270 deaths and Andhra Pradesh with 9,48,231 cases and 7,388 deaths are the next two most affected states.

How are the Situation of the most affected states?

alking about new cases, 67,123 people were found infected in Maharashtra on the previous day, while 419 patients died. The situation here has become extremely bad due to the high speed of infection.

Similarly, in Kerala 13,835 people were found infected and 27 patients died.

In Andhra Pradesh, 7,224 new cases were reported and 15 patients died, while in Karnataka 17,489 cases were reported and 80 patients died.

What is the status of vaccination campaign?

Talking about the world’s largest vaccination campaign in the World, 16,26,22,590 doses of vaccine have been applied so far. 26,84,956 doses were applied on the previous day. Right now, people over 45 years of age are being vaccinated and from 01 May people from 18 year to 45 year will be starting Vaccinating.



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