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Blogger Vs. WordPress

Are you a newbie and want to start writing as a blogger? But you might be confused about two platforms, and those are Blogger vs. WordPress. Well, we are here to solve all the queries.

Blogger and WordPress are the best websites that most bloggers use on the whole world on the internet. Both platforms are very easy to use, but at the same time, they have their own positive and negative factors. So, we decided to compare both WordPress and Blogger platforms, side by side, to see these websites’ differences and capabilities.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress platform is free software, which is open-source for beginners or advanced users both. It helps you to create blogs, online selling, even in building the software. WordPress was developed by the WordPress foundation which was established in the year 2003 and written by PHP.

WordPress covers more than 38 percent of websites in the whole world because it is free to download and can make no. of sites according to preferences. Even at the beginning, they provide a proper guide on the usage of this platform.

Pros of WordPress

  • It is very safe and easy to use for everyone.
  • Plugins and themes have a tremendous collection.
  • Plugins have multiple customization alternatives.
  • Great platform with the amazing and outstanding profession
  • The platform is easy to manage, and technical SEO is a must.
  • On-page-SEO is available with Ultimate Plugins.
  • Availability of social sharing option
  • Data backups are easily accessible.

Cons of WordPress

  • A requirement of Investment for hosting
  • Not friendly for beginners 
  • Extra security needed  

What is Blogger?

This website is created by Google, which provides free blogging services. Pyra Labs started and designed the Blogger platform in the year 1999, later google acquired this site after 4 years in 2003. This website will not ask for a simple rupee and give you the freedom to create your blog. Even provide sub-domain in Blogspot for free.

The designs are very simple & authentic designs, and the settings are very simple to understand. They are known for their quality services, which makes them reliable, and people find it easy to publish their content on this platform.

Pros of Blogger

  • Easy to manage and understand
  • Don’t need to bother about hosting.
  • The owner can design and personalize their blog.
  • Easy to handle even can blog in few minutes
  • No issue in the installation
  • Legit security
  • No worries about updates and software
  • Easy monetization process

Cons of Blogger

  • Basic and easy platform
  • Minimal customization options
  • Automatic backup is not available.
  • Your content hosted by Google
  • Bad option with SEO
  • Everything on the platform is manual.
  • Google can suspend content anytime

Here, we covered the two platforms and those are Blogger and WordPress, importances of these platforms, then procs and cons of both the platforms. These things help us to understand better about both the software in detail. Now, it is your choice to select one of them, and don’t forget to maintain which platform you chose in the comment box.



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